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Full Version: IMDB+ By Rochess
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I am looking into making the switch from mediaportal / MP2 to XBMC
One of the things I find myself missing is a mediaportal addon called IMDB+
what this does is, if there are multiple movies in a title, ie transformers, star wars, batman, etc it numbers them all in order on import.
ie transformers I
transformers II : revenge of the fallen
transformers III : dark of the moon

I find this works much better than the movie grouping that you could enable in XBMC, as it does not always group correctly.

the addon is open source, and could be found here https://code.google.com/p/imdbplus/source/checkout
I was wondering if someone could look into a possible port to move this over to XBMC.

hmm, try using a Nightly or Alpha development build of Kodi 14 (Helix) as I believe XBMC already supports this


XBMC's default movie scraper should do this automatically already by scraping Movie Collections from TheMovieDB.org into Movie Sets in XBMC


So I guess that you could say that in the world of XBMC the "Universal Movie Scraper" is equivalent of MediaPortal's IMDb+ addon


But if you do not like that sort order then you can manually change the sorting order by NFO files, or by using XBMC's built-in sets editor


Otherwise could maybe be that movie grouping sort order is incorrect if it is wrong in the Movie Collection on http://www.themoviedb.org

Regardless the correct forum thread to post in about this is probably this other one http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=129821
I did try Helix, and the sets, but I will give it another shot and see how it's handling it.
Alright, so I reimported everything using Helix Nightly, and one thing I did notice is that it did group the movies more correctly.
Last time I had a batman begins set, but it should have been included in the dark knight set.

One knock is the star wars set
since IV, V and VI came out before, it doesnt technically order them correctly, but that's nothing major.

I will keep trying it out to see how it all works.