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Full Version: xbmc backup help
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i would like some assistance about the xbmc backup. i have confluence 7 icons for my xbmc android platform. but whenever i try to restore from backup he 7 icons shortcuts that showed doesnt show after xbmc restore has been completed. you have to go into the video addons to find it. basically its a hassle to do all the shortcuts again and again after every backup/restore that i have to do. please assist me with this situation
Have the MK839 R-Box Android system using latest Kodi beta. When trying to backup all my efforts in setting many features, the back up writes many directories with no files in them and a few xml files onto my external flash memory card.

I've seen info that the Backup does not work with latest Kodi .. Why not?

Will we see backup to work again? If so, when ? Thanks.

Also with latest Kodi, Confluense 7 Icons is no longer an option .. Why not?

Thanks for any help with my novice questions..