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Full Version: Problem with TV-Show-Scraper
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(2014-08-22, 19:48)PeaceMkr Wrote: [ -> ]Do i understand that right, that with next nightly of xbmc on all plattforms, the bud will disappear?

No, just Pi builds (and only *my* Pi builds, most likely). No idea when the PR will appear in other builds, assuming it's even accepted.
Ok. its no problem to only scan on the pi. so i will try that fix out when next pi-release comes out from you.. thanks for your help!
@PeaceMkr: Build #0822 has PR5270, let me know how it goes.
Hey Milhouse, seems to work es expected BUT i cant use livetv or any other movie... i will use that release to fill the db and then use the other release to watch tv until everything works fine.
(2014-08-23, 11:36)PeaceMkr Wrote: [ -> ]i cant use livetv or any other movie...

OK, please continue that discussion in the testbuild thread.
I've had to revert PR5270 from the latest build as it causes a problem with .strm files. Will try to think of a better fix.
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