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Full Version: TVH Client does not work (XBMC 13.2)
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I just updated my Linux to Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS and my XBMC to 13.2 Git:0f3db05 (Compiled Aug 17 2014).
Actually most settings and skins I installed are still the same as with the old install (as I just did an upgrade of the previous install). Just the Addon of TVH does not work. I had TVH install before and the server is running (version HTS Tvheadend 3.4.28~geb79aee~trusty) but when I try to start the PVR Addon (in the add ons section) a popup informs me that the dependencies are not met.

What can I do to get it up and running again?
ok, no answer ... so far.

Actually I installed XBMC Gotham (13.2 Git:0f3db05 (Compiled Aug 17 2014)) also on another computer and I had the same issues!
not only the HTS PVR does not met the dependencies also when activating the Live TV button in the settings XBMC crashes.

I am the only one experiencing this issues?