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With version 2.6 we’ve added a new feature called the “Donator’s version”. Every donator of tinyMediaManager can register his copy for some special features as a little

Thank you for your support

We still do not plan to take a fee for using tinyMediaManager, because we believe in opensource. But we’ve decided to include that as a gift for our supporters.

In the future we plan to add some special features as “donator features” which are not essential features (these are still available for all users), but special and useful.

If you have donated, you can register your copy via the menu tinyMediaManager -> Register for donator version. In the popup enter your name and the email address you’ve used when donating. If your have just donated and the registration does not work the first time – please wait a few minutes. Registering your donation may take a while.

List of donator features:
Hi, Thanks for the new build.
I want to test all the new stuff but...
Quote:Registering your donation may take a while
How many is "a while" ^_^
I did a donation earlier this morning, and the validation process still doesn't work.

Thanks for your concern
should be fixed now - please try again
Yes It's ok (no need to put the name, just adress, i don't know if it's an issue I just test like that ^_^)
Thanks you any way
the name is just used in the about screen Smile
Just donated, awesome tool you've got there Smile
Am also curious about the time to be able to register after donating. Getting an error when trying to register. Thanks
usually this takes 5 - 15 min
added a list of donator functions in post #1
Today I have just tried this tmm software, and although still have to learn some features and functionalities, I can say it's trully an awesome work.
I instantly donated to support the work.
I have just tested tmm and donated at once; thanks very much for it, it is going to save me a lot of time renaming folders and files and i have not yet tested the command line options or the TVshows. Thanks again.

I understand clearly that donating does not imply any kind of right apart from the donator version, but just my suggestion of features which will make me save a lot of time, as i have multiple languages in my collections

-BulkEdit allow to edit Language Field, so i can easily change the language(s) for a bunch of movies at the same time
-Language preference/priority for DataSources, so a pre-defined language is used for each datasource when scrapping, now i have to change preferences when i update everydatasource.

Just my 2 cents; in anycase, thanks very much for this!
Where does the donator version store the info about me being registered. Because I have re-register every single time after a reboot.
(2014-08-23, 21:56)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi scraper parser ( http://goo.gl/FEBIht )

I must admit that I'm a bit disapointed to see these scrappers only work for movies, not for TV shows. Or am I doing something wrong? For movies I see the kodi scrappers, for TV shows not. Would it be a lot of work to add them for TV shows, too?
Yes, needs some extra work.
Already on our todo list....
Hi. I just made a donation earlier but the "Register donator version" option does not work. Any solution?
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