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Full Version: Trakt Issue
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Hi. I'm new to XBMC but I've been experimenting with it on both my PC and Raspberry Pi. I've read about the Trakt add on and would like to try it but it doesn't work on either of my devices. I'm running Gotham on both and when I choose trakt in Program Add-ons it just doesn't open. Sometimes I get a window popping up for half a second saying "synchronize TV episodes" but that's it. I've reinstalled it but still getting the same results. Has anybody else experienced this?
I presume you made a account on trakt ?
And checked the settings what it should sync and when
(2014-08-24, 22:57)TRaSH Wrote: [ -> ]I presume you made a account on trakt ?
And checked the settings what it should sync and when

I've created an account and entered the credentials in xbmc. Where in settings does it say what to sync?
In your add-ons settings.
(2014-08-25, 11:54)TRaSH Wrote: [ -> ]In your add-ons settings.

That was already set to sync movies and TV shows by default. I tried changing Default script action in General Settings to "Manage Lists". Now I get an error when I try to open the Trakt program add on saying "There was a problem loading XBMC data".

This might sound like a silly question but what is supposed to happen when I select trakt from the list of program add ons ? Is a program supposed to open like Navi-x does? Like I said, I'm new to XBMC.
trakt plugin syncs stuff with your library - watched status, tags etc. according to what you setup in the configure window - there is no graphical interface window supposed to open up with it.
It's for your local library,
Did you add your movies tv shows in to xbmc ?

The wiki is a good spot to start when you're new to xbmc.
And the forum rules!
So you know what add-ons we support and which one not.