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Full Version: Fanart dims when cdart displayed - SOLVED
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Hello folks, I have just wiped and reinstalled (and updated XBMC) XBMCBuntu 13.2.
I am finding that while playing music, if I engage the cdart display by pressing " i " the fanart background dims immediately leaving the cdart and progress bar at full brightness.
By the time the screen saver kicks in and dims the screen, it is almost impossible to see the fanart.
I turn the visualizations off as i prefer the view of fanart/cdart.
Must I edit a script to change this or am I missing a setting somewhere ? Previous builds didn't exhibit this behaviour.

Thank you !


P.S. Switching the cdart view off and returning to the normal cd/progress/songlist display brings the fanart to full brightness....

P.P.S I just noticed that the fanart is also dimmed on the home screen during music playback.....
go the the 'customize visualization' dialog (accessible from the music osd)
and make sure 'enable visualizations' is not enabled.

That did the trick nicely ! Thank you very much from an obsessively dedicated Transparency! user.....

You Rock !