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Full Version: Arduino kits on Amazon for AmbiBox (or Boblight?)
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Hey guys. Recently I've been kind of obsessed with putting together a sweet back-lighting system on my 32" TV. I've spent a lot of time reading through the Adafruit site, and have considered buying my parts there since I'd be pretty much assured that I'm getting the right components. However, there are a number of kits on Amazon (which include the Arduino Uno R3, unlike the Adafruit DIY ambient media center kit), so while I'd probably need to buy some additional parts, I think it might come out to be cheaper to pick it all up on Amazon. Basically my question is: Am I better off buying one of the "starter kits" which seem to include most of the essentials but probably also some additional components that I might or might not need, OR just do my shopping for the necessary parts individually using one of the lists posted on the forum?
I'd actually like my setup to do more than just interact with XBMC, err... Kodi, so I'll list the functions that I'm looking for and hopefully I can get some feedback on if this will work, and then I'll post links to the Amazon kits that I'm interested in:
*first priority is functionality with addons
*sometimes I watch media via my Chromecast (plugged into AVR) and I'd like it to react to that playback as well, do I need a light sensor for that?
*There are several Android apps that allow Arudino control via wifi or bluetooth (or USB OTG... blah) so I assume I'll need a wifi or BT module?

This link has four kits, either the Ultimate Starter Kit or the Ultimate + LED seem most appropriate. Are these kits comparable / more complete than the ones on Adafruit? Also, what additional parts would I need in order to achieve all of the goals that I listed above (assuming that's all possible... is it?)?

As you've likely realized, I'm quite new to the world of Arduinos and crazy-pimped backlighting solutions. Apologies in advance for the total newbish questions / likely misuse of terminology. I'm just super intrigued by this project and want to get it going ASAP, hence asking for help to supplement my crash course on the topic. Major thanks in advance if anyone can take a look at the kits I linked and offer any feedback!