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Full Version: External UPnP Renderer
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I run xbmc on my Ubuntu 14.04 Laptop and it works very fine.
It can be used to play Music from my external Storage.
But I also have an external UpnP Renderer. How its possible to send Music Files to this Box from my Laptup.
if your renderer is working in the same network i think it should work.

under Settings --> Services --> UPnP --> you can activate options here

Share video and music libraries through UPnP
Look for remote UPnP players. <--- needed to detect your external UPnP renderer.

now you can go to your music library and
"Play using" (right mouse perhaps? don't use XBMC on a laptop)

from there you are given a choice to play the music through the internal renderer (laptop), or other hardware on your network.