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Full Version: How to test addons
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I cannot find out how to test addons? I'm making a program launcher but I don't know how to test it! Please help...

Thank you.
This would probably be better handled in the add-on developers forum:


Maybe one of the moderators can move it.

What I do is create the add-on on a development machine where I can just drop the code into the add ons directory for the XBMC I have installed on that machine. You don't have to "install" an addon for XBMC to see it, you just have to get the code and directories structured so that XBMC recognizes it as an addon. When XBMC launches, it will find all the things that look like add ons that are in the right place and try and load them.

There are some guides and tutorials for getting started with addon development in the forum to which I linked above.