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Full Version: Is there ANY way to schedule a recording on a daily or weekly basis?
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I can't believe that TVHeadEnd doesn't have this ability, but if it does, I'm not seeing how.

I'd like to be able to automatically schedule a recording for the same channel and time slot every week, or every weekday.

The only options I can find are "once" and "series", and for some reason "series" doesn't work right (it schedules a bunch of completely irrelevant recordings that all start immediately).

Is there some hidden secret to scheduling a recurring program based on channel and time? Every other backend program I have experimented with has this ability, which is what makes me think maybe I'm just not seeing it. I do note that the XBMC plugin ONLY offers me the ability to schedule a one-time recording.
Yes, browse to the tvheadend backend (http://localhost:9981 if you are on the same machine it runs on) and go to the 'Automatic Recorder'.

Once there, click on 'add new entry'. This creates a blank new entry that by default is set to record every day. You can click in each field to edit what is in there. You can either add a full show title or use a regex to match a show, set it to record Monday thru Friday, or any combination of days you require. You can also specify a 'Starts around' time and the channel you want to record.

Once the line is set up how you want it, click in the 'enable' box (I forgot to once !!) and then save it.

Series link works for me, as it's currently set to record New Tricks from BBC1 as a series and has recorded the first two already. I can also see the next scheduled recording in XBMC, which is set as I would expect.
Thank you black_eagle. That works for stations that have guide data associated with them, but the remaining problem is that in North America most of the satellite feeds don't have any sort of guide data, so the only way to schedule a recording on those channels would be by time and date. There is no way I can see to schedule such a recording to occur every day or every week, at a specific time and for a specific duration. But the way you suggested does work for stations that have guide data associated with them.
OK, that is interesting. I only have one channel that has no associated guide data. I'll have a look and see if I can figure out how to get it to record at a set time and date.
As a workaround, are you able to get guide data through XMLTV?
With EPG, you can choose a program and record, but you can't edit the begin/end time of the recording.
I would like to change the end time, because sometimes the program finish later.
Is this a lack of TVHeadend or XBMC?
You can tell TVH to add so many minutes to the end of a recording. Set this up in the backend with TVH-> Configuration -> Recording -> DVR -> Extra Time after recording.
That way, if a program runs over its allotted time by a couple of minutes, TVH will still get the end.
May I suggest that mythtv has all this sorted!
The latest got version of tvheadend support what you request.
@ankn - got a link ??
Automatic .deb builds here: https://tvheadend.org/builds/tvheadend
(2014-09-01, 20:40)negge Wrote: [ -> ]As a workaround, are you able to get guide data through XMLTV?
Sorry it took so long to get back to this thread, I had a bunch of other issues to work though so this one sort of went on the back burner. Anyway, the answer to that is yes, some station guide data is available that way and for the ones that aren't, I could sometimes use an acceptable substitute (an affiliate of the same network) or in a worst case, generate my own XMLTV data. It was a bear to set up but it mostly works now.

(2014-09-09, 12:44)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]May I suggest that mythtv has all this sorted!

Only if you also tell us how to make MythTV recognize and use DVB-S2 satellite tuner cards, and do in in such a way that even a relatively inexperienced Linux user can understand it! Big Grin

Yes, I know that it supposedly does, but in my experience, there's no way that's actually going to happen. Wasted three weeks of my life trying to get it to work and never got anywhere. Even got help from some more experienced Linux users and even they finally concluded it was a lost cause, because MythTV has changed something in recent versions that has broken satellite tuner support.

Thanks to those who replied and again I apologize for not checking in again on this thread sooner.
If it works in TVHeadend, it works in linux and therefore works in mythtv.
(2014-09-15, 22:03)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]If it works in TVHeadend, it works in linux and therefore works in mythtv.

No. No, it really doesn't. MythTV has broken support for satellite tuners.

The hardware may all be functional but MythTV simply doesn't seem to know how to utilize it.

Your statement is like saying, if your printer works under Windows, it works with your computer so if you wipe out Windows and install Linux it will work there, Well, not if the version of Linux you are using doesn't support that printer it won't!
Do you have a reference for the broken satellite support? I haven't used satellite for a while, but it worked then over several versions of mythtv.

I don't spend as much time on the mythtv-users mailing list as I used to, but I am sure I would have noticed the postings if satellite stopped working! Can you point to somewhere in the list archives? I expect you are a member there if you are making the above statement.
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