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Full Version: Confluence Revamp'ed themes for Kodi (v16 & v17)
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Version 5.05 for Kodi v16 Jarvis and older is now out grab it here

Version 6.0.9 for Kodi v17 Krypton is now out, see the latest announcement post here.


This is for Kodi v16 Jarvis only (v17 script not made the change is the skin path to userdata for v17 See installing below for more information)

click >> Revamp'ed theme downloader << click

Special thanks to wsnipex for his help, it made it possible to release the script sooner than I anticipated since a couple of roadblocks wre making me pull my remaining hair out.

Hello to all


I continue to work on improving textures and other quality and consistency in the default Confluence skin. This is now available as themes.
Skin themes can be added without requiring a skin coding change. It can be seen as a new look or facelift type change or variation on the existing shipped defaults.

I decided, the time has come to let users try the themes.

What is a skin theme?:
Themes are 99.9% graphic changes packed into a *.xbt (some package (not compressed) proprietary format for the kodi graphics), the skinning engine can use, unlike a full skin it, it requires no code changes unless themes have colors, then a colors .xml is required in which case the changes are to color codes in one xml that looks like this named the same as the theme.xbt.

How is a theme different form a skin or skin mod?:
Skin themes are not skins or skin mods, they are a sort of extensions to skins which support themes, there's no skin code with a theme (with exception of the color.xmls), theme require compatible full skin or skin mod in order to be used/selected, while skins can operate standalone.

Revamp'ed themes require Confluence skin or a compatible Confluence skin mod to operate.

Many skins support different themes by default, and have no real associated issues caused by using a different theme as long as the theme is for the skin you are using.

Background info on the Skin:
Confluence skin was put together and released by Team Kodi headed by the skinner Jezz_X at the time, it is based in Mediastream skin and a MOD for that skin and other ideas for other skins hence the name "confluence", it included features and concepts that worked well together and still do IMO. More info here

To the people that have worked and continue to work on the Confluence skin over the years have been many, my hats off to all of you guys.

Its arguably the best skin for Kodi


See https://github.com/un1versal/revamped.themes/releases

or Revamp'ed theme downloader

Installing should be as simple as extracting the archive sub-directories media and color folders over the system skin.confluence respective directories.
  1. Download source.zip
  2. Take resulting .zip and extract /media, /colors and /backgrounds folder over same path skin.confluence is installed to (varies on OS)

Warning OSX Users
Not extract the theme folders over the existing directories, because OSX will delete existing contents and you end up with broken skin. OSX cannot handle extraction via UI properly Instead extract zip somewhere and copy files over individually to same directories.
Im not familiar with OSX but command line can handle archives better. see man zip

For e.g:
Confluence for v17 is now part of the default repo, so you no longer need root privileges to add these themes.
The skin resides inside your $HOME/.kodi/addons/skin.confluence or equivalent path in your OS where addons are installed to... adapted from Userdata#Location_of_the_userdata_folder (wiki)

Android           Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ (see note)
iOS               /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/addons/skin.confluence
Linux             ~/.kodi/addons/skin.confluence
Mac               /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/skin.confluence
OpenELEC          /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.confluence
Windows           %APPDATA%\kodi\addons\skin.confluence

Note: Absolutely no files from original skin are overwritten at any stage so you can change back to skin.default as easily as changing theme within skin. Full details/instructions are on the theme download/release GitHub page.

Openelec Users

To install, please follow these instructions. Warm thanks to illiac4 for the write up.

PSD sources
The most up-to-date sources can be found at here

Make a video? Anyone volunteer? <-- asif.

Please help out if possible and you have interest with any above tasks or any you wish to work on.

Thank you to the XBMC Foundation members involved currently, past, future and for making XBMC/Kodi and all related work possible.

Some screenshots they look grey because taking screenshot with limited range enabled is buggy. Smile

watch gallery

Kind regards
Just thought I'd let you know that I'm using Revamp as the default them for my Confluence mod.


I did make one small change though. The style of the new floor.jpg didn't really suit me, so I put the old floor.jpg back from the original Confluence and repackaged the texture file.
Great! Actually, when I package the Revamp.xbt I do package with both original/changed floor.png, so I end up with 2 xbt's I just dont put them both in the theme releases atm. I did plan on making more revamp theme type releases with this variation and then later more color and diff changes.

If you have screenshots and whatever you like to share on your thread that would be great also. btw the theme has improved since I made that other release so there's plenty new images you may be interested in using.
News: Updated a few more gfx which also now part of default skin version 2.1.7

Was working on a theme installer which is likely never will happen, given Confluence is by default not installed in userdata (wiki) see here for details any helf greatly appreciated


News: Updated to version 2.2.2 Its has new gfx which are not used or part of skin atm and some have been refreshed and a couple that are totally unused have been removed

@pkscout am now including the original solid floor as well so you have Revamp-osf (original solid floor) though to be honest the modified floor only ever existed in xbt so the unpacked textures still only contain the solid floor fyi.
Hi @universal - I have my own personal mod of Confluence just for me and some friends, and I was trying to add your revamp to it to try it out. I have extracted the 3 folders and copied them in to my skin folder, however when I switch the theme to revamp, I lose all backgrounds, they just go black. I can manually set a background image of course, but I am wondering if you have any ideas why this would happen?
Hi bossanova808

That is a niggling issue with unknown cause at this moment, my guess in the theme/skinning engine, since the themes doesn't pack any backgrounds its just the packaged /media folder as you may know.

Im trying to get to the bottom of it, but tryng to get to a developer who understands these guts of skinning engine is not simple.

Another solution you may want to try is rename the Revamp.xbt to Textures.xbt (Back up the existing Textures.xbt to another name) and reload the default (we making xbmc think the revamp theme is default now), that also works, interestingly enough. Tongue

As soon as I know more Ill let you guys know.

Thank you for your patience.
(2014-09-11, 03:40)bossanova808 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi @universal - I have my own personal mod of Confluence just for me and some friends, and I was trying to add your revamp to it to try it out. I have extracted the 3 folders and copied them in to my skin folder, however when I switch the theme to revamp, I lose all backgrounds, they just go black. I can manually set a background image of course, but I am wondering if you have any ideas why this would happen?
Noticed the same thing here. That's why asked for background source in other thread.

What is the difference with Revamp and Revamp-osf?
Manually setting a background won't solve the black BG in settings though, right?

I'll give it a go tomorrow when I am back at that machine, & thanks
Yes manually setting bg also is a workaround also. But I feel workarounds for this shouldn't be necessary at all.

Having looked more into this issue/bug, because its extremely annoying, I was ready to give up and opened http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/15429 bare in mind I understand 0.00001% C++ and even less skinning.

After some-more head banging against a large brick wall, I looked at the background itself in skin (its not apparent where it was being set), as a result, opened https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/5359 which seems to work fully even if the root cause is unlikely addressed. I understand why fix works, but the cause is way over my head.

Feel free to try it out and make comments in that trac report, its unlikely developers are looking at this thread, as I feel the background breaking on theme change is not theme related at all.

Thanks in advance.
According to ronie this isnt a bug, a theme can include a background but as I found out this only works if themename.jpg exists so in this theme Revamp.xbt I would provide a /backgroound/Revamp.jpg and when chnaging theme it works.


When a background is not provided with theme (correctly named) you get no background at all, which imo is still a bug since no sane fallback mechanism if one even exists seem to work at all. I got pointed to a 2 year old commit that no longer exists currently.

So as of 5 minutes from now I will include such background named correctly and will announce accordingly.

Updated: Fix missing background. theme is now at version 2.2.3

See https://github.com/uNiversaI/revamped.th...tag/v2.2.3

It includes updated instructions in how to fully get theme and accompanying files installed.
Great - yep, that works fine now - thanks!
Does one actually need the extracted textures as well as teh .xbt files? Also does one need to keep the old and new folders?

I suspect there's a bit more in your zp than needs to be perhaps?
Technically you dont need the extracted textures or the old/new folders. You need the 2 x xbt's and the 2 x jpg's+ (the already existing files in backgrounds folder) and the 2 x xml's also not absolutly required but they are there for completness and because eventually themes with any colors changes will need them.

The include extracted textures and other files are so users can see and if they like make use of them. Even if they are not strictly required and ~5MB extra would be such be a dire straights issue.
Also in future I plan on extending these to other colors so I need somewhere to start organizing and keeping files, Ill have some re=organization in any case at some stage but the extracted textures will always exist.

Also on a note about the missing background ronie made a change to skin which adds a fallback see https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/caaf...7662bb3524 I need to fully test that still.

Cool, thanks again
Do I have to install Texture packer for Kodi skins also? And how/where?
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