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Full Version: advancedsettings.xml override standard scraper?
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quick question guys
I had to use an advancedsettings.xml to scrap my tv series correctly.
it works fantastic, my question is this.
Does having a custom scraper in the advancedsettings.xml override the default one? or would it use the custom one first then try the default one?

I dropped some files in one of my tvseries folder and they would not import (i did not rename them)
the file names are running.wild.with.bear.grylls.s01e04.720p.hdtv.x264-bajskorv.mkv (episodes 1 - 4)
nevermind, I just added running wild with bear grylls to my sickbeard and let it handle it.
everything imports fine that way, I guess I just need to add those one off shows to sickbeard and it's fine.