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Full Version: How to close this panel? Is this a bug?
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Thanks for this nice skin and I really like it when it comes to speed and ease of use.

I have a question on an issue I found recently. The panel in the bottom of the screen doesn't seem to go away and I am not sure how to close it. I brought it up with the up arrow but the down arrow doesn't make it disappear. The back/return/escape button will eventually have it closed (with multiple clicks) but that way I'll end up in the Home Screen and back to the movie screen.

Is this a bug? Is there a way that I can bring that panel down?

That's an information bar which I can get up by pressing 'i' on the keyboard or the 'info' button on the remote. It goes a way with another press of the same key or back button. 1 click is all that's needed.
Not sure what's going on with your device.