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Full Version: Amber now updated to support Kodi 14.0\Helix
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Sweet. Thanks for updating my favourite Skin Smile
I noticed a bug last night. I did a fresh install of Helix with the Amber skin mentioned in this thread. I was attempting to set up a new menu item and upon clicking on the empty item to customize it, I got nothing but the normal "click" sound. No menu popped up at all. I was not able to change one of the empty menu items to one of my choice.

I have custom menus on my other system running all the same software, but they were there before the switch to the Helix version of Amber. I'm guessing since they were already there, this issue didn't affect it any.

EDIT: This issue was fixed with the beta release of Helix.
Seem to be having endless problems after rebuilding my Pi.
Got the latest Kodi version running and when I try and install the skin I get:

13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (FileBrowser.xml) ------
13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: GetZipList - Processing zip://%2fhome%2fpi%2fmaster.zip/
13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: Addon skin.amber requires xbmc.gui version 5.3.0 which is not available
13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogKaiToast.xml) ------
13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(special://xbmcbin/system/ImageLib-arm.so)
13:53:52 T:3037348640 DEBUG: Loading: /opt/xbmc-bcm/xbmc-bin/lib/xbmc/system/ImageLib-arm.so

XBMC screen tells me the dependencies have not been met.

Update:Ahhh - I think I need a break...not on Helix!

Starting XBMC (13.2 Git:20140901-867305b)
I have deleted all plexbmc add-on related questions. Please, move you discussion to a sticked "plexbmc add-on skin support" thread.
I can't get this version of the Amber skin to work on OpenELEC with Helix Alpha 5. I can install from the zip file, but when I say Yes to switch to the skin, it returns the the skin is missing some files and reverts back to Confluence. Here's what it shows in the kodi.log.

18:50:48 T:140463989557056   ERROR: failed to load requested skin 'skin.amber'
i would like to use amber (definitely my favourite skin) with the new kodi. but i think thereĀ“s a problem with amber and kodi beta2 when trying to watch live tv.
when i press "Live TV" or "TV channels", nothing seems to happen and i have to press back/esc to regain control of kodi.

Is it possible to update Transifex with the new strings?
If not then should I just wait or can I PR on Github?
"Recent Videos" is missing from movies and series.

(2014-11-19, 21:00)Merwenus Wrote: [ -> ]"Recent Videos" is missing from movies and series.


I've seen this quite often. It disappears and then comes back after a restart.

Does anyone knows how to fix this in KODI with Amber skin? Only the half of the lyric is shown. Sad

Here is the script-cu-lrclyrics-main.xml file from the skin.
Try: for focused and itemlayout, for control type label, <posx>0
Thanks, it worked. Smile

And another question sticking to music library:
Music -> Large List
How can I make a background (best would be fanarts of the band, or something similar) instead of the blank black background?

I recently just upgraded OpenElec from 4.21 to 4.97.1 RC1.

I did a soft reset after upgrading from XBMC to KODI and then installed the skin with no problems, I have skin version 1.71.

I noticed that the recommended under "Movies" no longer shows. It works correctly with TV shows and does show the next unwatched episode. I am curious to know if this is a known bug for "Movies" and if there was a fix coming soon?
I'm trying to add this skin but I keep getting an error message "dependencies not met". I did some searching and found that means I'm not running the correct version of kodi. Even after updating though, I still get the same message. Any suggestions? Should I try to roll back to an older version of 14.0?
Never mind. I got it fixed.

Nice skin!!
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