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Full Version: Amber now updated to support Kodi 14.0\Helix
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I used to use aeon nox, but dont like the redux, so tried various other skins and really like Amber, its also much lighter than nox on my old revo dual core, so I would like very much to keep this, but I cannot find the genre submenu with TV shows (see screenshot) - anybody else have this problem? I tried have tried uninstalling amber and reinstalling, but the same result. The genre submenu is available under movies though. Also how do you get rid of all those thumbnails of recently added items - there is a submenu for that so this is overkill, I just want to view the background image (there is probably a setting to turn this on or off, but I cannot find it). thank you
Are there any plans to add skinning support for: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=228435

This is a Netflix style pop up that can appear at the end of an episode asking to play the next in that series.
Just quick one...

I have a locked down profile for the kids which only has Movies and Quit on the Home Window. After boot up and auto-login the Quit option is highlighted.

Is there any way of defaulting it to highlight the Movies option? I just want it so that when the kids power the thing on it goes straight to the Movies home shelf..
(2015-06-10, 19:43)jpc0480 Wrote: [ -> ]Are there any plans to add skinning support for: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=228435

This is a Netflix style pop up that can appear at the end of an episode asking to play the next in that series.
Would be awesome if this was supported!!
(2015-06-02, 09:51)Smultie Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-05-23, 19:32)Smultie Wrote: [ -> ]Something I just noticed is that the favorites icons aren't the right aspect ratio. They're way too square.

Anyone with the same issue, or is this somehow just me?

Also posted this problem on the Github, but no response there either. Is anybody still supporting this skin?
Hey everyone,

Just installed the skin, love it so far. Few q's:

1. The favorites tab displays add on icons on the top of the screen when you hover over Favorites. Is there a way to do the same for the other tabs, for eg Music, I want to display the add on icons on the top like Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc
2. Is there a way to categorize a few add ons in to a videos section and when you click videos it opens the list of video addons which was just created? I would like to organize things in this fashion.
3. Is there a way to add a quit or close button in the bottom corner of the screen like the confluence skin?

Can I change/add or remove any of the Amber Skin's Homeshelf Submenu entries on the Homescreen?

I can't figure out on how to do this!? I would like to add for e.g. a linkt to the Video Addon's below the Video Homeshelf entry.

Is this possible and if yes how can I do this?
I dropped Nox for amber, much smoother cleaner skin, fantastic job!

One thing I do miss from nox was the integration of Next Aired plugin.. I love knowing when the next episode will play. also keeps me up to date incase I missed one.

Any chance on getting that to work?

Also, I'm all for the orange skin, but would it be possible to have a few other choices.. blue green red gray/black.. ?

Other then that fantastic job.

Also the netflix styled "next up" would be fantastic too Smile
Guess there's not much support for this skin.....
(2015-06-30, 19:19)ddzc Wrote: [ -> ]Guess there's not much support for this skin.....

oh there is... will you go and help support it? i thought so...
Is anyone skilled enough to help me add Genre icons to Amber?

I know other skins have them, and i have the artwork ready to go from another post.. however I've literally no clue which XML files i should be looking in and then which modifications to make Sad
After setting up this skin it instantly became my favourite. Thanks developers!

The only thing that I found disappointing is not being able to use the shelf with smart playlists on the home menu. I know it's been mentioned previously, but I just wanted to add my voice to the request, since I really, really like the home shelf functionality. I think Amber has by far the best implementation of this type of feature (at least with the generic TV and Movie libraries).

In my case, I have the following six smart playlists listed as items on my home screen (and very few other items):
1) TV (excludes anime series)
2) Movies (excludes documentaries, foreign films and anime movies)
3) Documentaries (only)
4) Foreign Films (only)
5) Anime Series (excludes non-anime series such as regular TV)
6) Anime Movies (only)

With 480 movies and almost 6,000 episodes, you can see why I would want to break down my library into categories like this. It would be great to be able to see the recently added, recommended and random titles show up on the home screen when pointing to each of these playlists. The addition of this feature would make this already great skin perfect for me.

Thanks for listening.

PS: Another previously mentioned request (that I would also like to see) is to have the weather show up in the corner for every home screen instead of just on the weather screen, since that's all I really need from that screen.
CodecInfo "O" shortcut doesn't work for media playing via addons, but does work for local videos. Anyone else with same issue? Works in confluence just fine but not in Amber

Nevermind: Needed a restart of kodi. Mystery as to why only the Codecinfo shortcut stopped working prior to it!
Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks for this amazing skin... For a long time it is only skin that I use Blush

Next, i found one bug / problem that causes reboot of my Raspberry... Everytime I try to download Serbian subtitles, RasPi reboots.

In log I found this line:

"ERROR: Texture manager unable to load bundled file: flags/sr.gif"

This problem occurs only with "Amber" skin Sad

Is there anyone that can help me locate or replace this sr.gif?

Thanks a lot in advance Smile


Found it and copied it to media/flags
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