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Full Version: Amber now updated to support Kodi 14.0\Helix
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Amber is best installed from KODI official repository

Many thanks to joethepartylion, gismo112 and Jester for helping out with skin updates.



I have created a new version of Amber which I believe is compatible with all of the skinning changes in Kodi 14.0\Helix Alpha 3. This includes the new PVR windows and international keyboard, can you please test and let me know if you have any issues.

It has now been updated by others who have fixed some of my mistakes and regressions from messing about that I forgot to remove. Thanks to all those that have made this work under Helix\Kodi.

This will not work with Gotham.

Thanks and enjoy.
I have now added Advanced Filtering support to the sidebar. This has meant that some existing options needed to be re-ordered and changed to fit in the additional option (plus others I want to add too).

I hope you find it useful.

Does Amber 1.7.0 still work under Gotham or should we stay with 1.6.1?
Hi, this is for Kodi 14.0/ Helix only due to the skin changes which are not backwardly compatible.
Great to know I will be able to use Amber with Kodi. Thank you for this
seems not to be in Center..
did i something wrong?
How could i deaktivate the Weather Icon in the uppe left corner?
A love your Theme, it runs Smoother than Confluence an looks much better....
(2014-09-08, 10:58)eikman2k Wrote: [ -> ]seems not to be in Center..

Hi, which element is not in the centre, there may be a few of these due to the label alignment changes in v14.0

I will look into the weather setting as I'm not sure myself.

I can't take credit for the skin as I have just modded it to support v14.0, all of that credit goes to others.

Thanks for the feedback though.
I will Take a Picture so you ca see...

All Navigation is a little @ right
So Video is not Centered, Music, Movies and so on
The Notification o Top is also not Centered, (the one wich is shown if you update the Datbabase with movies.
Here is a Picture of the bug!!!

An if in the middle of the something happens, the text isnĀ“t i center to
Thank you for updating the skin. If you can, can you:

add support for tv show next aired?

make it that the seekbar shows how much a video is buffered (in a grey/white color behind the yellow) in osd menu

and make it that the keyboard can go for example, from "a" to "caps lock", or "z" to "shift" (because as of now the only way to get to caps lock, shift, done etc is to go down to space first, and then go right).

thanks you again Big Grin
In "Settings > Backdrops (Backgrounds?)" "Edit Background for Media Type" is the section "TV" missing. Where you can select "Single Image", "Multi Image" and "Standard"
Hey Guys,

Confirmed working with Plexbmc, v3.4.6beta 3, Kodi Helix Alpha 3

Thanks for this joethepartylion

Cheers Rob.
I know this is "Amber", but how about a "blueish"-Theme?
Have nobody the Problem with the center of the menu)

See Pic Above!

Filme should be in the middle of the screen, not on the right
(2014-09-08, 19:51)eikman2k Wrote: [ -> ]Here is a Picture of the bug!!!

Hi, thanks for the picture, I have fixed this alignment issue and updated the master branch to 1.7.1. please let me know of any other issues you find. I didn't notice it at first as I use the vertical home screen.
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