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Full Version: Does Anyone Know Where To Download DVBLink PVR Client V1.9.0?
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Does anyone have a link for version V1.9.0 please? I am unable to use XBMC 13.2 with version 1.9.1 on my 4.6 DVBLink Server and cannot get TVSource to respond at all...

Many Thanks In Advance
I am looking for this one as well. I would like to try this first and then upgrade to DVBLogic 5.1 Did you ever get it?
I would ask Oberon on the DVBLogic forum,

Or, pay for the DVBLogic upgrade and upgrade to Kodi 14.2. DVBLink 5.1 is way better than 4.x, more stable, better quality.
Found it in XBMC version 13.0. That way I was able to test time shift. This Kodi thing is most likely going to be a great successor for my WMC!