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Full Version: Cable TV Dissapointment/Frustration
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I'm new to xbmc and I was very excited to set everything up until i realized that there's no direct option for cable tv. I'm used to the windows media center setup where i just install the tv tuner card and drivers and there's instant Cable tv.... I have a wintv 1800 card on windows vista and just want to watch cable tv on xbmc, Is there a good soul out there who can break it down simply on how to get this working, I searched a lot of forums and found everything i read confusing

Thank You
I think you've probably asked this question in the wrong place. Are you using NextPVR and the XBMC addon for NextPVR?

If you're already using Windows Media Center successfully, then your best bet is to try the ServerWMC addon.
Click this liknk PVR (wiki)