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Full Version: Make virtual keyboard work in Helix *and* Gotham?
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With the new international keyboard layouts in Helix, there are quite a few changes to make. But now that I've got my skin working in Helix, it no longer works in Gotham (of course, because the keyboard dialog is completely different)?
Is there a way to get my skin to dynamically decide whether to use the new style keyboard dialog, but only in Helix, while still using the old style in Gotham?


Interesting idea. Could be possible to do it with a conditional include against the infolabel System.BuildVersion, to decide whether to include a file containing the Gotham keyboard or the Helix one. (Not sure exactly what this infolabel returns - if its more than just the major Kodi version number, a SubString checking for 13 or 14 to the left of the infolabel string might do it)

However, you are aware that they keyboard isn't the only dialog that has changed for Helix, right? Lots of id's have changed in lots of dialogs, and these dialogs won't work right in both Gotham and Helix. Plus they have different xbmc.gui requirements, so its not possible to make Kodi see it as being compatible with both versions.*

* as far as i know, until someone corrects me Wink
(2014-09-08, 23:21)Unfledged Wrote: [ -> ]...so its not possible to make Kodi see it as being compatible with both versions.

Guess that makes sense. So are most developers just cutting off development for Gotham-compatibility and incrementing the required version? I guess the big question is at what point in time do you decide to abandon the old version.
When you've decided there's nothing more to add or fix. Just keep two versions going in the mean time.