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Full Version: XMBC + ArgusTV same box or seperate?
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Good Morning all,

I have been fighting this question for awhile before I buy my tv cards as depending on which way I swing is what I buy. Basically I have a custom build XBMC under my TV which will house all my stored media and other XBMC clients on android will access everything from this one however for TV im not sure whether to install Argus TV on the same box or whether to install it onto server upstairs, only problem being the only server I have atm is a XenServer so its all virtualised.

One of the biggest top priorities is channel on / switch speed.

Here are my two machines:

Main XBMC Media Center:
> AMD A6-6400K 3.90Ghz Dual Core with Radeon HD 8470D Graphics
> 4GB Ram
> Windows 8
> SSD 120GB - Used for Operating System / XBMC software and was planning to use for the Timeshift folder
> HDD 1TB - Used for stored media and ArgusTV recordings
This machine can only support USB tuners and was thinking of the PCTV Triplestick for it

My Server:
> AMD 8 Core 3.9Ghz processor
> 32GB DDR3 Ram
> Nvidia GeForce 6800 Graphics Card
> Multiples TB HDD's
> XenServer as host operating system
This machine has 2 x PCI-e 1x / 1 x PCI-e 4x and 1 legacy PCI slot as well as 2 x USB 3.0 and a hos of USB 2.0 slots

Now I can easily assigned 4 cores and 4GB or ram to a virutal machine but its whether I can get the TV cards and ArgusTV to work in a virtual operating system? Anyone tried this?

Alternatively I could build up a new machine as a TV server but it would be faily low powered.

What do you guys think?