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Full Version: iheart radio plugin doesnt work.. plz help
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hey fellaz

i recently started using xbmc. the main source of music i listen to is through iheart radio. i installed the iheart plugin and when i try to run it it just says script failed..

anyone know a solution?
Have you tried configuring the addon before running it? IIRC you have to setup your username/password for it to work corretly.
Iheart/Clear Channel has been shuffling things around on their website (yeah, just like Hulu, Comedy Central, etc) but apparently this one can be fixed with a python script.....

(2014-06-15, 21:16)asms Wrote: [ -> ]the plugin broke manly because of the iheart website changes. iI made a fix and submitted the pull requests. not sure when divingmule is going to merge..don't see much activity in his git repo. meanwhile for those who are interested you can download the default.py file from my repo and replace https://github.com/aNetdev/plugin.audio.iheart
This scirpt doesn't work for me. I get the same error.
I really like iHeart radio, is there any alternative for your fix?