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Full Version: Stuck in Touched skin on my television
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So we just got apple tv and we have it hooked up to our television. We bought it from a friend, and we didnt get the acutal apple tv remote that came with it so we just use a general remote.

My boyfriend likes to play with the settings and of course, he got us stuck in this Touched skin and we cant get back to the default! The remote we have can still scroll around and select things but it doenst highlight anything that I'm trying to select, so its kind of like a guessing game where we just hope we land on the correct button. Also, on the "homescreen" for this skin where you see the categories for Videos, Pictures, etc. there are small gray buttons on the bottom left and right hand corners that our remote wont even scroll down to, presumably because this skin is actually made for touchscreens. These buttons seem pretty important, one of them is the little Settings gear, and it would be great if someone could help me out.

Is there a way to get back to the original screen with a seemingly usless remote? Remember, we dont have this on our android device or computer..its hooked up to the back of our TV just like our blue-ray player. Please Help!!!! We've been trying to figure this out literally all day...