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Full Version: MOD_Buffer when streaming in progress bar_Fixed code
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I am using this amazing sking on all my installations and i am very happy with it, but i wanted to be able to see the progress of buffering in the progress bar.

I found in this thread a solution from torenvalk that does work but the buffer bar is bigger with that code.
To display the buffer use this code instead.

Here is the code.

To add buffer bar edit DialogSeekBar.xml located in %appdata%\XBMC\addons\skin.amber\1080i

Look for and do not touch:

    <control type="progress" description="Buffer Bar">
      <texturebg border="15,0,15,0">VideoOSD/ProgressBG.png</texturebg>
      <midtexture border="15,0,15,0">VideoOSD/ProgressBar.png</midtexture>

Immediately after insert this code:

    <control type="progress" description="Cache Progress Bar">
      <texturebg border="15,0,15,0">VideoOSD/ProgressBG.png</texturebg>
      <midtexture border="15,0,15,0">VideoOSD/ProgressBar.png</midtexture>

You can change the color of buffer bar to what ever suits you by changing the Grey to lets say Blue.

Happy ambering and cudos to amber developer. Thanks a lot man. I hope you use this in a future update.
Thank you! Smile
My pleasure my friend. Happy to see that this helped someone.
Is it possible you could add progress forward and rewind the video with the mouse on the bar?
(2015-08-10, 16:49)mafede Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible you could add progress forward and rewind the video with the mouse on the bar?

the skin already shows the time steps exactly under the bar.

What else do you need? you want the confluence way that shows on the bar with a sign where exactly is it going to jump? if you do i suggest use that skin instead.

The developer of this skin makes this skin in his free time, while having a real life. Not only i will accept what he is asking (no new features) but i will support that also since if we start asking for new feature we will end up with no developer.

All in all, just be happy with what you have. If not either fix it alone, or move along.

I am not trying to be an @ss really, its just the way i see things.

Have a bug? Report it the best way you can. Want something new? Either fix it, or find another way

By the way. i saw you say with mouse on bar. what exactly you mean by that?
this mod is absolete since Player.CacheLevel does not exist and developer of amber has intergrated Player.ProgressCache into the skin.

So in simple words do not use this mod
Thanks for the answers.

I do not want to employ anyone, just wondering if there is way to do it and I would do it, I thought that using an external player, or using any other skin file could.

My idea is to advance the video playback to a particular point, since the same progress bar, clicking the mouse.
If I am not wrong I think aeon nox skin does support click to go to a point of time from the progress bar.
Confluence should support that also but I am not sure
Yes, the two are compatible, but I want to do with Amber, I like the integration it has with Plexbmc