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Full Version: CPU load during idle on home screen.
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Hi guys.

So I got a Raspberry PI running OpenELEC with the Quartz theme installed.
It's working great!

But one small issue, when idle on the home screen the CPU heat goes up to ~70C, but onother screens it sits at around 50C~ and during playback at around ~60C.
I have nothing fancy enabled on the home screen, just the thumbnails on top.

Any idea what this might be? A bug or something I can disable maybe?
I tried disabling the RSS feed as well but no luck.

Stefan Larsson.
Any scrolling text (eg. movie title etc.) can result in the temperature rising on the Pi, do you have scrolling text on the home screen? Try leaving it on a screen with no scrolling text and compare the temperature.
This I did, the "Summary" page under "Settings". That one does have updating text, but not scrolling. And temprature went down 10C.

Stefan Larsson.
I do not have the Rpi available at the moment, but can I disable text scrolling for this theme?

Stefan Larsson.
No idea, maybe you can prevent the plot scrolling but probably not titles.

You might be interested in a recent patch in my test builds if you're happy to test Helix - it will stop text scrolling once the Dim or Black screensaver kicks in.
Hey, so I disabled a few options in the settings for the theme but still the CPU runs hot on the home screen. Thanks for the offer on the Helix test build but I'd prefer to just switch theme I think. Or look for a another solution, spent too long setting this thing up hehe.