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Full Version: Delete Kodi Logo on the TOP Left
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How can i delete the ugly Kodi Logo from the Confluence Theme..

I Using the newest KODI Version...

Is there any Confluence mod for Kodi?

Copyed the Skin on my PC and have this in my hime.xml

<aspectratio aligny="top" align="left">keep</aspectratio>

what is to chaange and how can i made this one run with the new home.xml
Just change the line with <visible> to say <visible>false</visible>. You can make that change to the actual Confluence skin, but every time you upgrade it will be over written. To use a copy of the skin, you need to put that copy in your userdata/addons folder with a name like skin.confluence.mod. Then in that directory find addon.xml and change the addon ID to match the folder name and change the name to something like Confluence (mod). Relaunch Kodi, so to SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> APPEARANCE -> SKIN and pick the modified skin from the list.
Sad people. Seriously
And don't post in development sections!
(2014-09-17, 06:40)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Sad people. Seriously

Why sad? If they don't want that logo, they don't want that logo. it's not sad, it's a choice
This does not work for me help lol
(2017-09-24, 04:30)the5schlueters Wrote: [ -> ]This does not work for me help lol
Excuse me? Help lol, what?
I don't see any reason to remove the Kodi logo in the first place.
With that said, in Confluence (also for v17), activating the weather service and enabling the 'show on homescreen' setting, weather widget will replace the logo.