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Full Version: Share your custom icons
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I like the "first" original Eminence icons, a choice in the settings would be the best solution for this.
I agree with locomot1f, of course, only if it is possible.


(2014-11-28, 17:57)locomot1f Wrote: [ -> ]Sad sad face to see the icons back to Confluence icons.
I liked those ones found by Drewdenman
Is there a way that this pack could be included in the list of options?
I had no problem with the icons using OpenWeatherMap Extended.

I'm in the process of making it so that it will be possible to make/select your own icon packs for weather. When I'm using git for development I will often commit changes so that I can try them out on my htpc - its the easiest way to make sure my laptop and htpc match. That's the only reason it has changed to the Confluence icons: I was just testing them on the big screen, they definitely wont be the default.

I don't know where the icons found by Drewdenman are from or if they are open source. The colour ones I was using were from http://bharathp666.deviantart.com/art/An...-180719113

The new Weather Icon selection option is simply GREAT.Big Grin


What's the best method to be using to make these icons? I had a go with GIMP. but.. The icons weren't really clean.. The lines was all shakey etc. Looking to make lots of these for all different addons I use.. And share with you guys too

"Inkscape" and Gimp" are together almost unbeatable.Big Grin


watch gallery

New Netflix
NBC Sport
Premier League Logo
Is it possible to add genre icons - e.g for movie genres (action, drama, comedy etc)? At the moment I just get a 'floppy disc' default icon which doesn't look too good.
Haven't noticed this topic before, so maybe it's better to add those icons here.
  • Dumpert
  • 9GAG
  • 9GAG.TV
  • Uitzendinggemist
  • Popcornflix

Edit: Added two more

watch gallery
Hey guys, I am super sorry if I'm coming off super noob, but how are you able to use these uploaded icons? I found a few on here that I really like and would like to use in my Eminence skin, but it doesn't allow me to select my own folder to get the icons from. It just keeps me within the confines of whatever url was chosen by Eminence. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
(2015-06-18, 06:40)smackinisaiah Wrote: [ -> ][...] how are you able to use these uploaded icons? [...]

Just place them next to the other icons which come along with Eminence:

OSMC Settings:
Wow - thanks so much Reflex.
Which program did you use?
Photoshop, if you need more icons just ask them here and I will make them.
I made a custom icon for animation movies and series


I use it with custom playlists in both my movies hub and series hub.
It is fully transparent outside Mickey's head, so it is a bit hard to see on this forum.
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