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Full Version: Music Duplicates
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I understand this gets asked frequently however I have been unable to solve this problem.

I have XBMC set-up on a Win 7 machine with all the media files hosted locally on two hard drives. The sources load up and the library is created without any problems.

I have a separate Win 7 machine that is set to receive the media content using UPnP for both music and video files, I also have the same set-up on a raspberry pi using OpenELEC.

For the client side devices I can set to scan music source into library and it will eventually do it however I have several duplicates for all of my content. I have removed the source and cleaned the library several times. I have also deleted the .db files, which removes everything entirely, but I still end up with the duplicate issue. I have also loaded the music##.db file into sqlitebrowser and I can see that there are several audio files all with the same source path but I only have the one source added to the devices.

This does not happen to my video files be they movies or tv shows, however I can't scan them into library as there is no option to do that in the context menu but I believe that to be a separate issue.

Thank in advance for your help.
What do you mean with duplicates? Duplicate Artists, Duplicate Albums......etc. It will be down to the tags - what do you use to write the tags
Duplicate Songs. I can navigate down to a single album and in it will have as many as 7 of the same song. So if its a 5 song album each song has several duplicates. Most of them are default from CDs, some are from iTunes and any that are from other are mixed. I have used MP3Tag to correct some but definitely not all of them.