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Full Version: UPnP Server not working properly ...
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Hi all,
I've got XBMC 13.2 acting as an UPnP Server, sharing out my library (which has MySQL DB).

I've got XBMC 13.2 and iPad VLC clients, both can see the server and access content via 'Recently added', but when drilling into Video Library / TV Shows / Title, it shows the TV-Show Title list fine, and it shows lists of seasons, but does not show any actual episodes underneath this - even though these episodes are accessible through standard library, and also via the 'Recently added' list. This is the same for Music, where it lists Artists, and Albums - but no actual music tracks - but again they are available via 'Recently added'.

Any ideas what's going wrong?

There's a known UPnP bug that sounds like what you describe. It has something to do with how XBMC/Kodi handles episodes, even in an XBMC to XBMC setup. Chances are you are doing everything correctly and are just hitting this bug. It's a frustrating bug, since it basically renders UPnP almost unusable for TV shows, but hopefully it will be solved in good time.
OK, good to know.

AirPlayer on iPad works fine, gets full episode lists. (Mind you the app itself doesnt seem to support artwork).

Where can I track the bug, or help out?