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Full Version: Get extra fanart / logos / etc. during update on startup?
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Hi all,

My apologies, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I've been searching and searching and I can't find any info about it, so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. My question is this:

Is there any way to force XBMC (not sure if I should be calling it Kodi yet, as I'm still on Gotham) to use a specific scraper (say Universal Movie Scraper) and download ALL artwork and metadata during the update that gets triggered at startup? Right now the startup update will run, detect any new movies and download a poster, one fanart image, and basic metadata. What it doesn't get is extra fanart, clear logos, some metadata (which varies, sometimes country, sometimes writer/director, sometimes rating) and so on.

If I manually go to the movie after startup and reload information then I get all the metadata, and if I open the context menu and choose Get Logo/Clearart - Solo Mode (I'm on Aeon MQ5 XBMC 13.2) then it pulls all images. Usually there's around 12-14 additional images it downloads during this process.

Is there any way to force the system to do all this during the startup library scan? I apologize, but I just can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Not at this time. There is a forum for Feature Suggestions, posting their might get some developer attention.

Keep in mind that most scraper database systems dot no see logo's and clear art as supported artwork, and extra fan art is just a skin function. Running the Artwork Downloader in background mode should accomplish what you want over the time you have Kodi running.