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Full Version: [OLD] PseudoLibrary - Strm Generator w/ Library Integration: AMAZON/HULU/NETFLIX
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I've used Kodi and OpenELEC for a few years, but I've never participated on their forums, mostly because I've found solutions to all my problems just reading on them.
Maybe I should thank many team members, skinners, addons developers, users, etc, but they are more than I can remember Tongue

But I'm in a little difficulty right now.

I'm trying to setup a UPNP share and Library Integration with PseudoLibrary, but I'm stuck with a sintax error that make impossible to even recognize the UPNP for PseudoLibrary. I can view the UPNP server on the File Mode, I have the Server Path, but I would love to see an example with some kind of path.

I'm aware of the work of Motellese and Milhouse on Kodi and OpenELEC builds with UPNP Media Importing, but this setup it's on my uncle house, so I would prefer to not use builds on development.

Thanks Wink
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