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Full Version: Eurosport Player
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Hi, i haven't posted on here for a while, happy using xbmc as always, 90% library use and our main way to watch TV etc....i do however have a request.

Is it possible to have a addon made for the eurosport player, this is not a pirate or illegal thing, its 100% legal, and something that would be of great use to many i would say, as its quite cheap for it to be honest!

the link is:


I hope that this can be sorted!

WSBK starts again.
Please that would be great. I would like to watch it in XBMC/KODI, much better experience
Guess nothing?
now that would be truly amazing.

just want to let you know that there is an addon available now.

you can download it here:

add credentials in settings and select your language(country)
This is bloody awesome. The live section is working beautifully. amazing stuff, i was about to cancel my subscription as on Android TV there is no app.

the catch up section will be implemented as well or is it only for live broadcasting?
only live broadcasts because there is already an eurosport addon for on demand videos and the content seems to be the same.

I just tried the Eurosport addon and the content is only featuring short clips. The On demand section on the British Eurosports site however features full length replays.
ok i'll investigate some time this week, but i can't promise anything.
No problem, thanks for the add on, its amazing. Finally i can watch snooker while cooking Big Grin
i've managed to add the video category.

Its working beautifully. I just have one request though if its possible to implement. The live broadcast works beautifully with ethernet connection however on wifi there is a lot of buffering. Is it possible to change from 720p to a lower stream quality.

Also the On demand videos are even buffering with 480p on an ethernet connection. Im on a 20Mbps connection and when i use the browser it plays fine but with Kodi the on demand videos are buffering a lot.
well, the browser is automatically adjusting the bitrate so you dont notice any buffering.

i've added a setting to select the quality of the stream
low = max 750kbit/s, medium = max 1500kbit/s, high = max 3000kbit/s

but for any other buffering issues i cant help.


note: for short clips there is only one quality(mp4) - 1024*576
Working perfectly now with the ethernet connection. Still many buffering issues on wifi but oh well.
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