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Full Version: Savegames
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I could not merge the old savegame code from garbear into retroplayer-13 so I decided to implement something myself because I really need that feature. My current Implementation is pretty simple and saves the same way the original retro system would do (e.g. SNES saves directly on the cartridge). It is a proof of concept implementation that cannot be merged right now but if some people are interested in this feature I can put some work into it and talk with garbear. It is not very much code so maybe we can merge it...

I will push it to github next week so you can take a look.

current implementation behaves like a real retro system:

1) start game -> previous savegame is loaded if available
2) play game (use builtin save functionality)
3) press stop -> save savegame

*.srm file will be created in the same folder the rom itself is located.

Post something here if you find this useful otherwise I won't put any more effort in it.

Always worth getting it up on github so we can see the code.
Very cool.
(2014-10-03, 21:36)Dippo Wrote: [ -> ]Post something here if you find this useful otherwise I won't put any more effort in it.
Yes please continue your work on this and share!
Here is the repo: github

I don't know if every libretro core supports save states. I tested it on bsnes (SNES) and pcsx-rearmed (Playstation).

My xbmc setup runs on Linux but I guess that won't make a difference for this implementation.
nice work! sorry it took me so long to get around to checking this out. lemme know when you resume this effort and I'll help out in any way I can.