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Full Version: XBMC Kodi w/ Synology Nas questions
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All my mkvs are stored on my NAS, which my firetv with kodi connect to wirelessly. A few questions to those with similar setups.
Should I be using Media Server on my Synology? I put this on, it created a /video folder. I guess this is primarily used for uPNP connections?
I am able to access my files in Kodi via uPNP, but the more reading I do on here, people frown on it for its poor performance. So Should I be using NFS instead? If that's the case, then maybe this Media Server package isn't worth having?
You can use both... use UPnP to feed your media files to smart TVs, 'phones and the like, and then use NFS/CIFS to share the files to XBMC.

You should have some form of directory/file sharing set up already (otherwise, the NAS isn't much use), so it's easy to get XBMC to add a source and navigate to that share. The main reason to do this is so that XBMC is able to scrape and use the library functionality - I don't know if you'd get anything like the full Kodi experience with only UPnP sources.
Thank you Prof Yaffle. I noticed that there was no scraping with uPNP and did not like that, so using NFS. Not familiar with CIFS, but will look into that as an option also.
CIFS == SMB to all intents and purposes. So, if you're already mapping from Windows clients, it might be easier... if you have NFS exports defined, then use those... XBMC will use either. NFS has a performance edge, but you'd not notice it in practice. Use whichever makes sense for you and your setup, really.
I was curious about NFS option on my 415PLAY, I wondered if I should change my settings to suit KODI better - this helped - thanks Yaffle Smile