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Full Version: Hyperion on x86 HTPC (running Openelec)
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set up my Ambilight last weekend with a multiple Lightpack using boblight on a x86 HTPC (Nvidia GPU) running Openelec.

Just wanted to know, if it's possible to use hyperion instead of boblight.

All How-To's I found are about installing hyperion on a Raspberry Pi, what would not work on a x86 machine (I think).

Was anyone able to manage to run hyperion on a x86 HTPC only (without using a RPI)?
tried but failed. went back to boblight
Same here - now using boblight and I'm happy with it.
is boblight able to use a video grabber like hyperion??
I got hyperion working on my Intel nuc running Openelc with an arduino uno.

The how to is here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=180472&page=5.

Just follow all instructions in order.

Hope this helps
Sorry. Didn't realize this was such an old post.
yup i got it going too lol
I upgraded to Jarvis and now Hyperion won't work. It starts and lights up on reboot but when going to play a video it fails.

Another forum a member mentioned it was a Kodi issue with the hardware video settings and not Hyperion itself.

Playing with the video settings didn't seem to help.

Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?

I'll try to post the log file when I get home.