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Full Version: Channel logo issue
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Hi guys,

I'm starting to going crazy with the following issue.

I'm using ARGUS TV 2.2.2 installed as a stand-alone server. Inside XBMC all the channels and related logos were perfectly displayed and in line with the ones in ARGUS TV.

This evening I have just changed one channel logo (all the logos are stored in the correct directory under C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\ChannelLogos) and while under ARGUS TV the new logo is correctly displayed, under XBMC there is still the old one. I therefore tried to delete all the related databases under userdata but without success....still the old logo. After several tentatives I have also uninstalled completely XBMC and after a fresh install...still the old logo (and in ARGUS TV the new one is displayed)!

Do you have any idea on why this? Is the XBMC PVR Addon going to look in a specific place or database in order to retreive the logos? Inside the ChannelLogos directory, the old logo is deleted! Where is it cached?!?!?! Rolleyes

Looking forward for your usual and kind help! Smile

The solution was quite simple at the end...just removed all the icons from the folder ChannelLogos, started and closed XBMC, put again the icons and all was fixed!

When I update logo's, I delete the textures.db file and the Thumbnails folder, restart XBMC and all is good.

Edit: And also reset the Live TV database under the Live Tv settings.
Sorry to be dragging up an old thread but I can't seem to get Kodi to update the PVR channel logos to the newest versions as found at: C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\Channel Logos.

It will correctly display any additional new logos (for channels that didn't previously have logos) but won't update the old logos that have since had their files overwritten. I've tried deleting C:\Users\[PC]\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\Database\TexturesXX.db and C:\Users\[PC]\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\Thumbnails. I've cleared the pvr settings from within Kodi. I've tried clearing the channel logos folder opening and then closing Kodi, then repopulating the channel logo folder, but still the logos don't update!

Just to be clear, they are displaying properly in the Argus TV Scheduler console, so I'm now at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas?