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Full Version: Hide watched keeps toggling itself on (Helix)
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So, with recent networking problems (caused by a dead homeplug, now fixed), I came across a problem with my Raspberry Pi, and I'm curious if this is specific to the builds I'm using (Milhouse's test builds), or are an inherent problem with Helix before I create a Track ticket (I've just moved house, so am not in a position to test it on other systems at the moment.)

Though there's a few ways to reproduce it, the easiest is to start an Update Library scan of the video library, then interrupt the network - remove the wireless, unplug the ethernet, whatever. My experience is this will toggle Hide Watched (assuming set to off) to on when the scan fails. (I've also experienced the toggle actually working inverted - that is to say Kodi has set it on via the method described, but actually only displays watched show, with unwatched hidden.)

As I say, I'd appreciate feedback as to whether this is a generic Helix or a specific Milhouse issue, so I know where best to file the bug report.