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Full Version: Plugin errors when cleaning my video database?
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Cleaning my database takes a very long time now. When it used to be fast. When I check the logs it has a lot off errors during the database cleanup that say "WARNING: XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader - Unsupported protocol(plugin) in plugin://plugin.video.break_com/?url=2764795&mode=playVideo" and its not just the Break plugin, It has errors for hgtv,reddit ,tv and some adult plugins. My video library is local only I do not have 1chanel or genesis linked to my video library or anything like that. So I am totally at a loss as to why my video database would have any plugin videos in. it. Please help I deleted my entire database once but after a couple of weeks the same thing started happening again.
It's nothing to worry about, just a minor annoyance.

Is there anyway to fix this? I use xbmc file cleaner and dont keep alot of shows on my hd after I watch them to save space. So i use the video library cleanup alot and it takes like 5min sometimes to clean and it takes longer and longer each time. It was taking like 10min last time and I had to delete my whole video database to fix it.
Not at the moment, no. Not sure why it should take 10 minutes though, that doesn't sound right.
Yeah right now it starts slowing down and pausing right around 75% completion when cleaning video library. But the more i use video plugins it will start slowing down at 60% then 50% . When i deleted the database last time it was slowing down at like 25%. Thats when it was taking 10mins. Like I said right now its slowing down at around 75% but I know an like a month it will be back around 40% and taking forever. Are we the only ones having this problem? I am not that great a programing but I dont understand why plugin files are even in my video database to begin with.
Artwork previews, probably.