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Full Version: Update Video Library running very slow.
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I've been reconfiguring my xbmc and as a result reorganized my video library. I put movies in a movies folder, kids movies in it's own fold, tv shows in its own and kids tv in its own and 3d movies in their own

As a result I have 5 file locations. I started over with a fresh DB and noticed the scan was taking a very long time. First I thought, oh first run has to build a lot of stuff. when it finished I tried another figuring it wouldn't really be adding anything just running through. Still slow. Then I thought Oh, well I usually export the library "multiple locations" so maybe that was it. So I did that. Nope still slow.

I remember my previous scans the bar would be zipping across the screen and unless I had something to add it would be done in 20 or so seconds. Now its taking > 10 minutes.

I did create a couple of smart playlists

I should add it only seems to be happening on the movie scrape. When it scrapes TV shows it's fast.

Any ideas what happened here? Nothing other than what I listed above has changed.


Check the debug log (wiki)