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Full Version: Keyboard shortcut to switch between fullscreen displays
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Back in my old Plex days, there used to be a keyboard shortcut that would switch between fullscreen displays #1 and #2. I haven't yet managed to figure out if something similar can be accomplished in XBMC. Any ideas?

The problem is that when my projector is off (but still plugged in), it's difficult to "blindly" move XBMC from the secondary to the primary display.
Did you try cmd + f
I believe CMD+F only switches between windowed and fullscreen mode, and doesn't switch between monitors.
It kinda depends - if the second monitor is not detected as usable from osx the cmd + f would make it windowed on the other (usable) monitor. Another cmd + f would then make it fullscreen on this monitor. I guess this won't work for you because even your projector is turned off it is still detected as a valid screen by osx.

You might be able to accomplish this by using the jsonrpc api which allows to control all the settings. (official ios remote for example allows you to change those settings - which includes the selection of the output screen). For mapping this on a keyboard you would need to write a small python script which does the related json-rpc request and then map the call of this script to a button via the builtin function "RunScript".

Long story short - no straight forward easy solution for this but it is solvable in an advanced (ugly) way.
Many thanks for your response. You are right in that CMD+F does not work in my case, for the reason you stated.

From my limited understanding of the JSON-RPC API/v6, it seems like the method GUI.SetFullscreen would not be suitable to call to switch the fullscreen display. Do you have any pointers what syntax may be used to change that setting?

I guess using keymapped built-in scripting in itself will not suffice to achieve this and the JSON-RPC has to be used in addition...
Ha murphy ... what you want to do is documented here:


and is broken for osx ... but maybe you can make it work by using the toggle fullscreen afterwards ...
Murphy's Law indeed. I was able to reproduce the bug, and the toggle fullscreen command didn't fix the issue. Guess I'll just have to wait until it's fixed.

Thanks again!
5502 (PR)

I used this script to test (no multimonitor here - just switching between fullscreen and windowed):


might need adaption to change videoscreen.screen to 1 or 0 aswell (not sure if both will be needed).
There is no fix for this yet... or does it work? Cmd + F does not work for me in switching between monitors/TVs.. and both are on and even in the right input. It only switches between fullscreen and windowed.I have Kodi 15.1