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Full Version: QUARTZ - Gotham
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Japaja Wrote:Move artist name to 2nd line? Smile

No :-))

Settings->Music->File lists-> Track naming template

Delete "%A - "
Takenover83 Wrote:How do I disable Addons in Quartz? All I can select is the changelog. I can not move up or down, as the other options seem greyed out? This is on a ATV2 using the latest nighties for XBMC and Quartz.
Loving this skin. Simple, Fast and and has the right touch of customization. Thanks to all involved who made this skin what it is today. It makes my ATV2 smile Smile

Some of them you can't. Can you try in Confluence skin?
pecinko Wrote:Some of them you can't. Can you try in Confluence skin?
Well that explains it. I was actually trying to disable Confluence, but I guess you can't. So move along, nothing to see here Smile

Edit: Just a suggestion. Maybe rename XBMC on the main menu to "Options/Settings", etc?
pecinko Wrote:No :-))

Settings->Music->File lists-> Track naming template

Delete "%A - "

Well for some reason this only works in files mode, not in library view.
Which is too bad since I would love that clean look and customization to be available there as well.
It works in library, too. Check your sorting.
Ah, thanks. That was it, works great now. Smile
First of all, thanks for the skin, I like it a lot. I have couple of requests if possible.
I use Kartina.tv, which is add on for Russian iptv provider. The view option I was using in Confluence was Big List, thats the only option to me, because it lets me see the full name of the channel and current show name.
Can you please enable similar Big List function? Option WIDE is not wide enough for me, it only shows half of the info I need.
Also, is it possible to make the "loading square" much smaller and put it on the bottom of screen or get rid of it at all?

Thats all of my suggestions, liking everything else, thank you.

P.S. I am using nightly build of the skin on ATV2
Screenshots / photos, please.
i really like this skin. However what i really miss is TV show logo view, like in Night.
Until then i cannot use quartz, since the TV fanart is very random and doesnt really follow any standard view...

Keep up to GREAT work! The finest skin yet!
Wow, just installed this skin, it's great.... i.e. fast, intuitive and elegant.

I found with Confluence I had to keep thinking about what key to press (I'm on ATV2), with Quartz navigation seems more obvious/consistent.

The Media Info view is excellent, very slick looking

Simplicity was good but not as fast as Quartz and caused XBMC to hang for me

IMO, the fonts for date and time are a little too big and it would be good to see add-ons above menu bar if you up arrow, e.g. up arrow on MOVIES would display iPlayer and youtube icons, etc.

I've not looked at all yet or even the settings, just wanted to say it's looking great and thanks
should have checked the settings before I posted... I see that I can add custom shortcuts, perfect!
pecinko Wrote:Screenshots / photos, please.


First video shows how it works in Quartz. Note how channel description is scrolling, since the channel icon is big and description does not fit next to it. Also big black box in the middle of screen when content is loading. And when exiting the channel, side menu pops up for a sec.


second video shows how it works in Confluence. Big List view gives you small channel icon, so almost all channel info can be seen with much less scrolling.

If you want I can give you my Kartina.tv login info, so you can test it out.

I also understand that all the themes use loading box,. however if it can be made smaller and put on the bottom of the screen, it would be much cooler. I think AEON theme does that.

If possible please add those option to Quartz. I love this theme, its so fast on my ATV2
Ok, that's helpfull I'll try to come up with solution.

BTW, I see that it scrolls even in Confluence so my guess is it probably could be handled better by addon author. Those labels are way too long.
pecinko Wrote:Ok, that's helpfull I'll try to come up with solution.

BTW, I see that it scrolls even in Confluence so my guess is it probably could be handled better by addon author. Those labels are way too long.

I have contacted the author. He suggested to contact you.
Big list view works fine, because I do not really care about channel icons next to description. When they appear in normal big size, they are very fuzzy,its hard to look at them and take much needed space used for channel label (not sure why add on author is not changing them to different size or better resolution, unless they work fine on devices other that atv). Scrollling labels take much less space since the channel icons are very small, and I can see pretty much all the info needed.
Ahoj, pecinko

I am an autor of that addon BASARAB is talking about.

The reason of so long lables is that standard lists doesn't support any normal way to display item title and item description separately.