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Full Version: QUARTZ - Gotham
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pecinko Wrote:Yup, for now. Though, friends keep telling me I should put it in the repo and just ignore feature requests for a while. That's, of course, easier said than doneSmile

Please do! It's one of the better and more responsive skins available for the ATV2. It really is a pleasure to use.
I skimmed this thread and looked at the Google cache. Am I a few days late and correct that Quartz is not available for pre-Eden for D/L at this point?
Please bring it online, the other skins suck on the atv...!
You can also put it online on a hoster...
Ok, I'll put it back.
If you are putting it back, please post a link to the repo or direct link to the skin Big Grin...
I really wanna download quartz and start using it!!!
Here's a link to the repo:


I have updated the first post, too.

Feel free to comment, request feature or report bugs.

Please note, though, that I'm taking a break and probably won't be adding new features ATM. I will however consider them and make a note for future versions. Please also note that season thumbs for recently added episodes are unfortunately not supported by XBMC ATM, neither natively or through a script - do not make suggestions about this please as I have already tried everything I could to have them in the skin. I will not alter looks of recently added episodes as this is much work with not quite satisfactory results.
Hey guys, what happens if I liked the earlier version better? can I install it someway?

I think mine automatically updated and the previous version worked a little faster on my very underpowered pc.
'thanks for your help and a amazing and fast skin!! Smile
I would like to second making the old theme available.

While the new version is smoother scrolling my video, tv, movie and favorites are all screwed up. The shift to vertical versus horizontal ruins the ATV feel that Quartz had making the UI just unusable for me.

Also I no longer have the add on links like I did before off the main menu, once again like the ATV menu.

All in all this update means Quartz is no longer a usable skin on the apple tv.

It would be great to get the old one back.
For those wanting ATV look I recommend taking a look at xTV skin. If you want submenu items activate them in skin settings. In the same place you can assign links to your addons and even show them separately in the main menu. If you're not ready to invest 10 min of your time taking a look at settings and getting familiar with new version or have underpowered htpc I suggest using a rollback button in add-on settings.

As for screwing, I suppose that means: I really don't like it, but my manners don't allow me to say it. Making things customizable in XBMC means you need to code up every single detail - only settings + home are 5 000 lines of code.
groggycl Wrote:I think mine automatically updated and the previous version worked a little faster on my very underpowered pc.
'thanks for your help and a amazing and fast skin!! Smile

Use a rollback button but I doubt speed difference would be significant.
[SIZE="5"]Addons as a common single link on Home using uncategorized add-on shortcuts:[/SIZE]


Or using a separate links and shortcuts for each add-on category:

Program add-ons

Video add-ons

Music add-ons

Picture add-ons
Nice screen shot collection P!

Really like the new layout (now I'm used to it!). Hope others give it a good chance too.

Well done mate, i really like the idea and how it looks.
Nice work as usual...
Hmm mine just updated to the new version... for some reason when I go to watch some thing the content in the folders has vanished and I just get a blank screen Sad

Is there any way of going back? I and the mrs likes it the old style..

For Dharma download from main (xbmc) repository. For pre-Eden (nightly builds) use rollback from settings/addons/addon info screen.

Also, there's a packages folder in addon directory that contains previously installed addons.

I'm really sorry guys as it seems that you mostly dislike new home layout. I find new one much better and more flexibile so I will not go back.

If anyone wants to merge old home layout feel free to go for a MOD.