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Full Version: QUARTZ - Gotham
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(2012-05-03, 18:46)moerk Wrote: [ -> ]I'm running this great skin on my ATV2. Is it possible to go to the movie infos when i hit the select button on my atv2 remote instead of playing the movie?

Hold select button when on movie.
Any chance you could include support for the Addon: Add-on Metadata Actors? I would love support for this
Not likely. I understand advantages but info window gets very messy.

I can take a look if I can add actor biography. If you had to pick, what info would you find most useful in that add-on?
biography and filmography.

What is the status of the PVR addin for this superb skin, this would really be the icing on the cake for me as i have had to drop Quartz and go back to the Confluence theme to get full Live TV support via the xbmcPVR plugin via a TV capture card (This has no connection to the LiveTV video streaming Plugin)
Working, 98% finished (at least I hope).

Not everything is polished, though.
(2012-05-03, 11:59)pecinko Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody else having problems with playlists?

Here is my log file. let me know if you need anything else.

(2012-05-04, 21:16)Baloeb Wrote: [ -> ]Here is my log file. let me know if you need anything else.


I have great news - everything is working as it should! Smile

You have added shortcut to a folder, not to a smart playlist (smart playlist ends with .XSP extension).
Ah ha! Since there isn't an option to add playlists to the main menu I had to add them to my favorites, and I accidentally added the folders. Thanks for all your help. The skin is great and definitely the most family-friendly.
AWESOME skin! Quick question...when I'm looking at my movies, I really like the 'icon 2' view, however that's the only view where the collections aren't noted and the default fan art doesn't pop up. In every other view the collections have the cover art and they are listed as, for example, The Alien Collection. Am I the only one having this issue with this particular view?

Thanks for everybody that contributes to these boards, I'm just getting into XBMC and it is really well done!
Icons 2 reworked. All should be fine in next release.

I am using Quartz skin from this morning. I'am now setthing the skin. I fall in love with the skin.
But i have a problem, i'am adding favorites as submenu to Movie menu but it is limited to 7. Do you know how can i extend this? I would like to add 16 submenus.

Can we do it in setthing or do we have to edit some files?

Are you sure you need that much? Are those all playlists or?

There are not playlists. There are all ftp links which i added as favorites.

I need 16 max. The ATV is for my mom who is old, it will be easier for her if i can put all links that she needs in sub menu.

If you tell me which files and what write, i can edit myself Wink