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Full Version: SMB does not work!
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Hi, I have trying to wrap my brain around an issue wich should be very easy to fix...
I have 4 USB drives in my main PC and I am sharing them trough SMB to my minix neo X8 (room) and to my openelec PC in the living room.
One of the USB drives works just fine, in fact I can access to all of them in my PC.
When I try to open them in XBMC (13.2) it says invalid argument, however one of the works just fine in both devices.
If anyone could help me, I would apreciate it!
I solved it. I had the USB hdd in a hub. I just had to connect them to the ports on the pc. However, I updated my minx and the smb does not recognize my workgroup... Its shows just the .. to go back.