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Full Version: Whatever happened to the Library menu item that toggles library mode? (solved)
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Hello, I am currently running XBMC 13.2, Transparency! 6.0.7 on a Mac Mini running OS 10.8.5.

I've been using XBMC for years and have always used Transparency. I don't know how many versions ago this changed…. but while in the TV shows I used to be able to toggle a Library menu item (left side of screen) that allowed me to view my TV shows as filenames. I have files that don't necessarily map to TV show episodes and disabling the library mode allowed me to navigate the directories and file names wonderfully using the Fanart view. I use slide view for my Movies and prefer to view them in Library mode.

I don't see the Library menu item any longer that I used to toggle library mode on and off. It now seems to force me to use library mode for my TV shows and I don't want that. Is this change in behavior due to the current version or because I changed something in the skin settings? It has been this way for some time and I can work around it but my wife and son can never figure it out.

Currently my work around is I can select the .. at the top of the TV Show list, then hit the Menu button on my remote and select the Files menu item. Then I navigate my directories and file names to select the show I want to watch. Once I exit to the main menu I need to repeat those steps next time I am in TV Shows to view my files by filename vs library mode again. I really miss simply toggling Library mode on/off from the menu that pops out of the left side of the screen.

I hope this makes sense. I have searched the threads as a guest and couldn't find the solution. If I need to modify a .xml file that is fine, just tell me where to find it and what change I need to make please. I always want to view my TV Shows by directory/filename.
it's not a skin thing, the library mode toggle has been removed from xbmc (+/ 2 years ago).
you can use the 'Videos' button on the homescreen menu to quickly navigate to the Files section.
Thank you so much! I ran an older version of the app for a long time because if it isn't broke… I began having intermittent stuttering playback issues several months ago and finally updated to 13.1.

I removed the Videos button from my very simplified home screen ages ago and it didn't occur to me to check that. I've enabled Videos and disabled TV Shows, problem solved. Thank you for your time and making such a great skin. Easy to navigate and looks incredible on my 50" Plasma letting the fan art shine.