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Full Version: No Wide Icons for TV Shows
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Fresh install of 13.2 Gotham on an ubuntu 12.04 system. Starting with an empty home directory. I am unable to get wide icons (banners) for TV shows in transparency.

** I have disabled "TV shows - Use posters" **

When I go into TV Shows, the only View options that I get are: ITEM, FANART, FULL LIST, and MEDIA INFO.

If I select MEDIA INFO I can see the banners have been downloaded.

If I enable posters, LIST, WALL, SLIDE, THUMBNAIL, and COVERFLOW become available but obviously are not using wide icons.

Also, if I drop back to confluence, I can select "View: Wide" and it works perfectly.

I don't see anything in the log when I have debug mode enabled, other than the standard job thread notices and LIRC events from my remote.
could you check this setting and make sure it is disabled:
skin settings > view options > disable - videos - wide icons
That was it, thanks. I must have hit it at some point before I found "use posters"