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Full Version: [Feature Request] Anime HomeButton
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Dear Ronie,

Is it possible for you to include another Menu selection for Anime just like you did for the Music Video? I tried several attempts but not successful. Will be greatly appreciate if you can have it for the next release or guide me how to amend changes to the current version 6.0.7. Thanks
xbmc has not built-in support for anime, it only handles movies/tv shows/music videos by default.

you would need to create a custom node for anime yourself:
Custom_video_nodes (wiki)

once this is done, add the new node to your favourites
and map it to one of the custom menu buttons in skin settings.
Dear Ronie,

Thanks for the quick reference.

My intention is to create an Anime Home button for the Movies such as Cars, Planes and etc for the kids. I had managed to add another selection on the Skin Setting -> Menu -> Animes and the button do appear upon activating it. However, I am missing the Fanart (same as the Movies but different Folder) as well as the submenu. Can you kindly point me to the XML files that I need to look into in order to have these 2 functions appear for the Anime which will be similar to the Movies portion.

Also, If I want to use a different background-movies.jpeg image for the Anime. Which XML should I include the additional path? I searched all the XML where background-movies.jpeg was used and located only MyVideoNav.xml . I tried to create an multiimage under the MyVideoNav.xml but it didn't help at all.

<control type="multiimage">
<imagepath fallback="special://skin/backgrounds/background-animes.jpg" background="true">$INFO[Skin.String(Custom_Back_Animes_Folder)]</imagepath>
<include condition="Skin.HasSetting(AnimateBackgrounds)">backgroundanimation</include>
<visible>IsEmpty(ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)) + IsEmpty(Fanart.Image) + [substring(Container.FolderPath,videodb://movies/) | substring(Container.FolderPath,videodb://recentlyaddedmovies/)] + ![Control.IsVisible(592) + !Window.IsVisible(MovieInformation)] + ![Player.HasVideo + Skin.HasSetting(VideoBackgrounds)]</visible>

Thanks again for the assistance shown. Cheers