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Full Version: Force XBMC clients to download all artwork (server w/mysql + clients) ?
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Hey guys,

I have a rather large library on a server with MySql and I'm using a Mini-X Neo 8 to run XBMC in my livingroom. Unfortunately the Mini-X only came with a 100 Mbit NIC, which means I get a 1-2 sec delay when scrolling through movies while the poster/artwork is being downloaded from the server. When it's done once I assume the artwork is cached locally in the userdata folder on my Mini-X. On other clients connected with Gbit NIC there's no noticeable delay.

I'm wondering if there's any way to force the Mini-X to download all artwork available on releases in the library once a while to speed up scrolling through content ?
Hi and thanks for the reply. Since this is not an add-on I doubt I'll be able to use it on my Android based Mini-X. Are there alternatives ?
You could install the Multi Slideshow Screensaver add-on that cycles your fanart, that may request fanart download.

Leave it for a few hours and see if your response times are better.