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Full Version: One window for all addons
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Not sure under which subforum I should have posted this, since I know nothing about how XBMC is configured for these things, hence the question. Smile

Is there a window that contains every installed addon, no matter the content (audio, video, executable)? I've manually added a menu item to the confluence skin, with the label 'Addons' which currently is set to open the Video Addons window using ActivateWindow(Videos,Addons,return). This has worked fine for me until recently, when I for the first time installed some music addons. I would like to have them all collected in one place.

Is that possible?

If not, what would be the best workaround? Make a custom window (would it be possible then?), or just change the "<provides>"-tag to contain both video and audio? (I tried the latter, and it works, except that now the music addons behaves as if they were video addons and won't play the next track automatically Sad )

They are all under enabled addons but under their respective categories. There is a development thread that is suggesting several improvements to how this is handled, latest post sees great for this end type job. See http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=206444 avoid posting noise there that fulfils no purpose.
Interesting news! In the meantime I think I'll just get used to go through two different routes for the different categories... or make a custom window. Though I'm not sure it will work, or maybe it'll work thanks to the new Dynamic List Content functions in Gotham!