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Full Version: Advanced Launcher how to choose monitor
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Unfortunately I can't find a solution online, so i must tend to these measures.
I have one simple question, though it matters much to me T_T

I have xbmc setup on my secondary monitor (tv) which runs as on expansion to my main display. Everything seems to be working fine, but when i launch my games through Advanced Launcher add-on, the .exe applications starts in my main display, which currently is located in another room. Not very likeable when i want to kickass in shadow of mordor on my 42" tv.
So anyone who knows how to fix this ? Oh, and for some reason i cant seem to connect to the gamesdb when looking for fanart and thumbs. Is this common?

You can use eventghost to move the window to your secondary monitor whenever the application is opened, and then use a program like BorderlessGaming to maximize it -- in my experience, most emulators will always go on your main display when entering full screen mode. BorderlessGaming skirts this issue by stretching windows to take up the whole display.